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Editor’s tips on how to care for your bed linen.

After purchasing a good quality bed linen, eg. Egyptian cotton, the 1st thing that comes to mind would be how do I care for it?

Read on for our editor’s tips on how to care for your bed linen.

What’s the best temperature should I wash my Egyptian Cotton Linen?

The best recommended washing temperature would be 40 degree Celsius and below or best cold wash. As the higher the temperature goes the more harm is done not only to the fabric but the elastic band of the fitted sheet too.

Should I use detergent or washing power?

Both are fine, as long as they are both diluted in a small pail of water before pouring into the washing machine. With this step taken, it lessen the chances of none diluted detergent/washing power sticking onto the bed linen which can cause colour burn.

Can I use fabric softener?

We would recommend avoiding fabric softener, as it reduces the durability of your bed linen. Especially the elastic bands of your bed sheet. The softening agent in fabric softener reduces the elasticity of the elastic band and after a few cycle of wash you would realized that it no longer fit as well as the 1st few usage.

Should I use a laundry bag?

Yes, whenever using a washing machine to wash your bed linen, best is to use a laundry bag, 1 for Quilt cover, 1 for bed sheet and 1 for pillow cases and/or bolster case. This way, it reduces the chances of any cracks of washing machine metallic wall from causing damage to the bed linen.

Do you have any special method of washing bed linen that works for you? Do share with us in the comment below.