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How To Clean Your Top Load Washing Machine

Step 1 – Bleach Soak & First Cycle

Fill the washer with HOT water. Add 1 quart of chlorine bleach – no detergent – and let the machine agitate for a minute, then let it sit for one hour.After one hour, allow the washer to run through its longest wash and spin cycle.

Step 2 – Vinegar Soak

Immediately fill the washer with HOT water again and add 1 quart distilled white vinegar. Let agitate for a minute, and again, let it sit for one hour.


Step 3 – Wipe Down

While it is soaking, dip a microfiber cloth or scrubber sponge in the vinegar water. Use your damp cloth to wipe down all the nooks and crannies of your washer, including the knobs, the lid and the exterior.

If your machine has built-in dispensers for fabric softener or bleach, clean those too. This is fairly simple if your dispensers have removable parts.

(If your dispensers aren’t removable, warm 1 cup of white vinegar in the microwave or in a small saucepan. Pour it into the dispenser and allow it to sit for a few minutes to loosen any build up.)

Step 4 – Second Cycle

After an hour of letting the vinegar soak, run the longest wash and spin cycle again.

Your trusty washing machine should now be shiny clean and ready for more abuse.


Photo by Jean van der Meulen from Pexels