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How to keep white bed linens white.

How to take care of white bed linens?

Have you experienced, your white bed linens turning yellowish after a few usage?

When talking about white bed linens, the 2 common things you hear would be:

  1. They are so hard to maintain
  2. They turn yellowish easily/fast

Before knowing how to take care of white sheets, you need to understand what turns white bed linens yellowish or with yellow stains.

Why white bed linens turns yellowish?

White bed linens turn yellow with aging and usage. Additionally, skin care products like lotions, body fluid like body oil, sweat and saliva which can work their way between the sheets and cling to its cotton fibers turns your white bed linens yellow too.

Don’t be surprised, BLEACH is also they main cause for turning white bed linens yellow (more on that be.)

I thought bleach helps white bed linens or clothing remain white!

No no no… Bleach is never the answer to maintaining white bed linens white and in fact it is the worst thing to use for keeping white bed linens white.


It is due to the one content in bleach… CHLORINE!!!

Chlorine chemically reacts to the protein in body fluids like sweat, body oils, sexual fluids, even vomit, etc to create a yellow and dingy stain.

Plus using bleach and damage the elastic band of your fitted sheets, causing it to lose it’s elasticity.

Tips For Keeping Bedding White

No eating in bed. Yes, this is such a fun spoiler. It’s been known to be lovely to enjoy breakfast in bed just like in the movies, or even wine and pizza while binge watching the latest US/HK drama or Marvel movies. Unfortunately, this is a sure fire way to get some stains on your bed linens. If old habits die hard, and you do get some spills on your bed linens (we’re only human), just be sure to treat them right away with a spot treatment, and then wash.

Wash your face before you lie on your pillow. This goes for both men and women, makeup or no makeup. As we all know that having make ups stained on your pillow cases is not good, our faces also absorb pollutants and dirt in the air through the day, which can transfer to our pillow cases as well. Simply wash your face with some water and facial soap, and you’re good to go to bed.

Separate your whites from coloured. This would prevent your white bed linens from being stained with colours from other coloured bed linen that may have colour bleeding. Keep whites with whites is the ultimate way to keep them at their best color.

Wash your white bed linens regularly. Even you shower every night before you get into bed, dead skin, hair, and other things transfer on your bed linen through the week. It’s gross, but it’s so true. When they build up, they create a yellow stain. Make sure to wash your bed linens (including your pillow cases!) at least once every two weeks or best, once a week if you have the time.

Air dry if possible. This won’t help with making your sheets anymore white, but will keep your bedding soft and maintain its quality.

Is there a safe method to keep my white bed linen white?


Add 1/2 cup of baking soda together with the detergent when you’re washing white bed linens during the wash cycle. In place of fabric softener, which actually adds a waxy substance to linens and towels, making them nonabsorbent, pour in a 1/2 cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle. The vinegar smell rinses out, but the vinegar leaves sheets feeling soft when combined with the baking soda in the wash.

Hope you all have a great time and comfort with your white bed linens.