Intero Cool Tech Charcoal Memory Foam Pillow Series

Intero Cooltech Charcoal Memory Foam Pillow Series

Specially made using high technology combining high nano grade charcoal powder into its proprietary visco memory foam, charcoal bedding products are designed to promote sleep and health.

– Absorbs toxic substances like Formaldehyde.
– Absorbs harmful electromagnetic radiation/waves.
– Help to remove moisture and sweat during sleep.
– Far infrared emission improves blood circulation and aids better sleep.

Cool Tech fabric
– polyethylene viscose fibre.
– smooth, cooling, breathable, moisture absorption and anti-static characteristics.
– responds to changes in your skin temperature.
– designed to keep you cool during sleep allowing you a blissful and more comfortable night’s sleep.
– actively regulates your skin temperature throughout the night.
– best suited for hot climate.
– washable using neutral PH detergent, must not use alkaline detergent. Washing temperature should not be too high, cannot exceed 40°C.

Soft and supple, our air ventilation memory foam comfort pillow is recommended for those who prefer low height and sleep mainly in supine position or who have medium to small body conformation. It conforms to your head and neck with just the right amount of support for perfect spinal alignment.

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