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Pillows Memory foam and fibre pillows

It can be challenging when it comes to selecting a suitable pillow. There many types of pillow that provides distinct functions be it memory foam, contour or classic pillows. Some are built for better support while others for comfort in a certain sleeping position. There are different materials these days; memory foam, buckwheat, polyester, micro fibre filled. Do you need one each? NO, you just need there one that suits your sleeping habit and position.

Memory foam pillows molds to the shape of your neck and head to support it better than a standard pillow. The curved edges on the memory foam pillow be it contour or comfort design are meant for the curvage of your neck or shoulder area.

Fibre pillows are suitable if you like to sleep with your should area on the pillows.

There is no one pillow fits all body shape and type, just remember the bigger built you are the firmer the pillow you require to support your body weight for a better night rest.


*As every one of us are built differently this write up results would varies from one person to person.