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Tips to take care of your bed linens

Everyone wants the best out of their good bed linens for the best comfort night rest. However, do take note of the care of your bed linens if you want them to last and feel comfortable for a long run.

Washing your bed linen frequently

It would be to wash your bed linens once every 2 weeks or at most once every week. It would be best recommended to use a laundry bag when washing and it would be good to avoid any detergent with mild blench content or softener as these affect the texture, and causing discolouring or colour fading of the bed linen. Additionally it will shorten the life span of the fitted sheet’s elastic band.  Plus washing with water not more than 40 degree Celsius as it will cause the fabric to hardern.

Avoid using blench for white bed linens as the chlorine content in blench will react with the protein of body moistures like sweat, body oil and saliva and turn your white bed linens yellowish.

Washing label

Follow the instruction on washing label on products. Avoid using tumble dry. It would be air-dry or sun them (avoid direct sun whenever possible) as soon as the washing machine cycle is completed to avoid moist or foul smell.

Drying of bed linens

For long durability, best is to air dry bed linens instead of sunning especially for new age fabrics like Tencel, Modal and Bamboo. Even though air drying takes a long time for bed linens to dry properly but that would be the best approach to lengthen the durability of your bed linens.

Storing bed linens

Do make sure that all bed linens are completely dry before you fold them for storage. If not, you may find mold or moisture smelling bed linen in your bed linen storage after 1 to 2 weeks. Store your bed linen in a well-ventilated area and DO NOT squeeze them to the brim of your storage area as they would need to “breathe” to avoid moisture/foul smell.

To sum up

In order to maximize the life span of your good quality bed linens, these tips would help you take care of your bed linens better. The most important is to change and wash your bed linen often (once every 2 weeks) and avoiding hot water or direct contact of sunlight, blench and fabric softener contents in detergents.