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Why Egyptian cotton is the best?

Ever wonder why many people says Egyptian cotton is the best fabric? Read on to find out more.

Why Egyptian cotton is the best?

Egyptian cotton is one of the finest, most luxurious materials in the world. When Egyptian cotton is mention, softness, cooling, durable and luxury comes to mind. Its softness is always compared to pure silk. The staple of the yarn is longer and has lesser connecting point when making cotton into yarn there for less likely to break, giving you a better and smoother hand feel.
Highly durable, it only gets softer and more durable the more times you wash it, making it worthwhile to purchase an Egyptian cotton material bed linen.

What makes Egyptian cotton durable compared to common cotton?

As mentioned the staple of the yarn is longer less likely to break.
Egyptian cotton are always harvested by hand compared to other cottons by machines. Hand-picked harvesting causes lesser damage to the cotton compared to machine harvesting that cause extreme damage as branches and leaves get caught up with the cotton and it has to be cleaned over and over again to get it lovely and clean. The more you handle the cotton, the more damage or stressed caused to the cotton making it less durable. Hand-picked harvesting allows control on selection of only the best quality cotton is harvest.

How do I know if the product is really made of Egyptian Cotton?

The safest bet is to look out for the Egyptian Cotton Association logo on products stated as made of 100% Egyptian cotton. Only approved products to carry the Egyptian Cotton™ logo. It is a mark of genuine, unmatched quality. If you’re buying Egyptian Cotton with the Association logo you know that you’re getting nothing less than the finest in the world.