Balmain Premium DownFeel Tencel Pillow Firm 1700gm/ 1600gm Loft


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Balmain Premium DownFeel Tencel Pillow

Firm 1700gm/ 1600gm Loft

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Balmain Premium Tencel Downfeel Pillow

What is Down Feel®?

Down Feel® filling is a unique recipe of man-made high tech fibre treated to provide the lightness and softness of expensive down.
It is a registered filling by Intero Enterprise Pte Ltd and is only used exclusively for Intero and Balmain bedding accessories.
Its ultra-fine microscopic fibre, sealed in high density 100% Tencel/ Bamboopro cover, provides unsurpassed cooling comfort.

I have sensitive noses, is Down Feel® suitable for me?

Down Feel® is the best hypo-allergenic down alternative. Allergy – sensitive sleepers, including young children, will enjoy a peaceful night’s rest with Down Feel®. Down Feel ® clusters form tiny air pocket too whisk away moisture & help keep bedding fresh always. Down Feel® provides a healthier, odourless experience which anti- dustmite, anti-bacteria & hypoallergenic.

How do I take care of my Down Feel® items?

Best recommended way would be;
When changing your bed linen, air the products in a well-ventilated room (windows opened and fan running) for 10-15 minutes to allow the products to breathe and remove excess moisture trapped in the products. This way it would minimise the chances of yellow saints caused by moisture trapped in the products.


48 x 74cm

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1600gm Loft (48x74gm), 1700gm (48x74cm), Bundle of 2 (1x 1700gm and 1x 1600gm Loft), Bundle of 2 (2x 1600gm), Bundle of 2 (2x 1700gm)