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Bellami B7 Lyocell Bamboo 3D Super Fine Loft Pillow


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Bellami B7 Lyocell Bamboo 3D Super Fine Downfeel Loft Pillow

Outer Cover Material: 100% Lyocell Bamboo
Inner Material: 3D Super Fine
Firmness: 1200gsm/1400gsm
Measurement: 43 x 68 + 5cm

Lyocell BAMBOO 3D super fine filling is a unique recipe of man-made high tech fibre treated to provide the lightness and softness of expensive down. It has an average degrees of firmness.

Especially on hot summer days, with its extra moisture absorption feature and quick drying advantage. It maintains the moisture balance of the body by providing high air circulation

Lyocell BAMBOO cover, provides unsurpassed cooling comfort.


*All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.

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1200gsm, 1400gsm


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