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Bellami T30 Graphene Cooling Gel Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Pillow (Duo side)

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Bellami Graphene Cooling Gel Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Pillow

Top Inner Filling: Carbon Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam
Bottom Inner Filling: Cooling Gel Memory Foam
Top surfaces fabric : Graphene
Bottom surfaces fabric : Cooling Nylon


Size: 40 x 60 + 10cm
Weight (Firmness): 1300g


Dual Memo Density Memory Foam allows you to choose the firmness you desire.

The Black side is firmer for those that want extra support.

The Blue side is softer to cradle your head, neck and shoulders.


COOLING NYLON has a high water content and good heat conductivity, which both contribute to its uniqueness to the touch and its cooling properties. Nylon is also has very high durability and also resists to shrinkage and wrinkles and is pleat retentive, Nylon plastic can also often be simply wiped clean or washed easily.

COOLING GEL foams aims to extend that “cold pillow” feeling throughout the night. The top layer of gel foam contours to your shape and resists body heat to regulate your temperature all through the night.

CARBON BAMBOO CHARCOAL‘s activated carbon helps prevent mold growth and purifies air by absorbing bad odors and moisture to prevent bacterial growth. Carbon Bamboo Charcoal helps eliminates odors, absorbs excess moisture, and regulates temperature.

GRAPHENE feel comfortable and at ease while being covered by the graphene cover, as it comes with heat dissipation properties and far-infrared that transfer heat to balance the temperature of your body regulating the thermal heat for a relaxing sleep.
which helps to improve blood and oxygen circulation and provides a gentle warming effect for better relief and comfort while you sleep.
You can be sure that you are not harming the environment when you use a product that is organic and made with natural components. Practice green living and use earth -friendly products that support a sustainable way of living.


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