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Bellami Inmost 100% Pure Bamboo Beyond Thread Count Bed Set – Light Green


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Bellami Inmost 100% Pure Bamboo Beyond Thread Count Bed Set

Size: Queen/King
Thread Count: Beyond Thread Count
Material: Made of 100% Pure Bamboo
Colour: 5 Colours (For other design please visit our other listing)
Feature: Pillow case reversible


100% pure BAMBOO – Smooth, Durable and eco Friendly

Bamboo is recognised as one of the best fibre crops for the

environment, as the plant grows rapidly and requires

no pesticides. Bamboo also grows back from the same roots

after harvest, so there is no need for replanting, or the use

of large amounts of water.


– WASH sheets separately, Do Not mix with other clothings/towels
– Use only a SMALL AMOUNT of delicate detergent.
– Never use any products that contain bleaching agents, optical brighteners or fabric softeners.
– Do Not put detergent directly onto the sheet.
– ALWAYS use a delicate/mild wash cycle on cold water at a temperature between 30-40 degree.
– High heat can dull the fabric, shrink the sheet and weaken the fiber.
– Do not dry the sheet directly under sunlight. This will cause discolouration.


Store your sheets in a cool, dry place and avoid storing in plastic as this could cause yellowing of your sheets.
Remember that , sheets are made of natural fibres which need to breathe.

*All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.


King (246 x 211cm), Queen (211 x 211cm)