Hillcrest Organic Cotton Pillow


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Hillcrest Organic Cotton Pillow

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Hillcrest 100% Cotton Pillow

Size: 48 x 74cm
Weight: 1200gm
Density: Firm/High

Made using 100% Cotton


Advantages of 100% cotton Pillow
Cotton Pillows are filled with 100% cotton. As a result, they often have a high firmness level, yet are capable of being somewhat soft. They hold their shape and loft / height reasonable well, resulting in at least average support throughout the night.


Cotton offers decent breathability and absorbency to help regulate a person’s sleeping temperature. Cotton Pillow are completely free of allergens, synthetics and chemicals.They tend to be affordable, and typically do not cost more than USD 30.

What Are The Benefits of Organic Pillows?

A safer and more earth friendly approach is to replace your current pillow with something that is made from natural organic fabrics, such as cotton, wool or latex.

If you are wondering why you would choose organic over other fabrics, there are a number of benefits that you may like to consider.

These benefits include:

While you are sleeping you body is in contact with your bedding for around eight to ten hours each night. So you need to be sure that what you are using is safe for your health.
The effect of producing organic textiles is kinder to our environment.
Organic products are a good natural health choice as they do not impact the environment in a detrimental way, so you know you are doing your bit for the health of the planet.
Organic bedding is hypoallergenic, so it is a good choice if you are allergic or sensitive. It is important to choose a product that will not cause you any type of reaction that will effect your health.



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Organic Cotton (48 x 74cm)

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