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Intero Visco-AIR Charcoal Memory Foam Duo-Core

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Intero Visco-AIR Charcoal Memory Foam Duo-Core

Inner Filling:Charcoal In-fused Memory Foam
Firm surfaces fabric : Bamboo Pro
Soft surfaces fabric : Jersey Cotton


Size: Comfort 60x40x14cm
Weight (Firmness): Brown side firm, white side soft 1400g


This uniquely engineered pillow comes in one of it’s kind duo side, firm on one side and soft on the other side (Brown side for firm and white side for soft)

Comes with an Outer cover made of Bamboo fabric for cooling feeling and L-shaped zipper for easy removal for washing and putting back on.

The Duo sided engineering gives it’s user the choice of sleeping on which side for a better night as our neck area fatigue level is different from day to day and the firmness for comfort we need differs from day today. Sleeping on the soft side you still feels the support you needed and not on a flat pillow as the firm side becomes the base support for your neck area.

With it’s Activated Charcoal Memory foam inner core treated with miteguard technology, added protection of  not just Anti-Dust mite, Anti-Fungus, Anti-Bacteria but Anti-Odor too.


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Memory Foam Duo-Core


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